Newsflash! They're calling this the most shocking collection ever discovered about Mormonism in the last decade... information no Mormon can live without:

“ Get Your Hands On 50 Rare Books
On Mormonism Plus The Complete
Study On The Book Of Mormon... ”

LDS Church Temple Mormon Scriptures

Discover Over 10,000 Pages Of Unreleased Mormon LDS
Scriptures That Almost Got a Mormon of 15 years Banned!

From: Alfred Rasmussen
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Date: in 2 days

church of jesus christ latter day saints secrets lds cultMy name is Alfred Rasmussen, and I've been a Mormon for 15 years.

During that time I've read a lot, but it was only recently that I stumbled upon a shocking discovery about Mormonism that changed everything.

More on that later...

But before we begin , I need to warn you this message probably won't be online for very much longer...

I have already received a large number of threatening emails and phone calls from people who would rather that what I have to share with you doesn't get revealed.

More than ever I've realised that:

"Mormonism has its Secrets That
Only The Highest Ranking Members Know!"

(Hint: But if you read on, I'm going to share
what they don't want you to know!)

Now here's the truth: If you're a:

•  Existing member of Mormon church

•  Looking to join Mormonism

•  Researcher or religious scholar

... Then this will be the most important message you ever read. So make sure you grab a cup of coffee, take the phone off the hook and read every single word of this page.

But before we begin. If you aren't open minded and able to deal with a little bit of controversial information – then you should leave this page right now.

You're wasting your time and mine as well. Because I only want open minded LDS Mormons to discover....

"Discover What Over 99% of Mormons
will Die Never Knowing!"

Here's the scenario. As a religious Scholar and a church of jesus christ latter day saints Mormon for over 15 years I've watched the organisation grow bigger and bigger, and it's become more and more apparent...

That a lot of the things being taught today isn't real Mormonism!

There are a stack of misconceptions... myths... and flat-out lies being spread – and that's why a lot of what you're about to discover (backed by evidence) will completely change how you think!

  How accurate is the Book of Mormon compared to the Bible?
  Is what is being spoken in our churches the same message as in the holy texts?
  Are we ignorant to what the Book of Mormon really means?
How can we prove that Jesus existed?

All of those were questions I asked myself. After being a researcher for close to 15 years. .. I still hadn't found anything.

But then I stumbled upon the mother lode...

A friend had emailed me to come fly to the other side of the country to see some Mormon books he had found in an old chest in his attic.

His place was pretty old, so he was curious whether they were worth any money – so he wanted my opinion.

I keenly flew over... Only to discover:

"He had Uncovered Documents Missing For
Over a Hundred Years About Mormonism!"

Sure. There were probably copies of these rare scriptures, but usually only the highest ranking members of the church would be able to get access to them.

There is literally no other way to get them. So the word started to get out that I had these books – and more and more people were curious about them.

After dozens and dozens of people asked, I finally put them all together...


“SecretsofMormons Ancient Compendium”

“For the First Time in History These Rare Books
Have Been allowed in Public Hands... And it's Not
Hard to See Why Many Want to Keep them Quiet!”

mormon cult lds temple scripture church secrets books

After all of that hunting around, I took all of those never before and got converted them into a digital version!

All in all I collected over 10,000 pages of never before released manuscripts.

Quite frankly, these documents aren't available anywhere else in the world and are extremely hard to find. These information are previously only available to Mormons of the highest order.

Now just for a minute...

“Imagine Over 10,000 Pages of Rare Unreleased
Ancient Secret Manuscripts in Your Hands...”

book of mormon - lds temple church scriptures and lessons booksLet me lay it out for you: This collection contains the LDS/Mormon Sacred Scriptures including the Bible, Book of Mormon, Mormon Temple Doctrines and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price...

Plus several other works including: The Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith and an overview of the Mormon Church including: History, Beliefs and Practices, Church Organization and Structure, Culture, and more...

Fact is, there are over 50+ books with over 10,000 pages of never seen before materials and illustrations...

These are well-researched, balanced and unbiased insights to Mormonism

Here are just some books you'll find in this collection:

- The Life and Confessions of a Late Mormon Bishop.
by John Doyle Lee, William W. Bishop - 1877
- History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Brigham Henry Roberts – 1902
- The Book of Mormon: An Account
by Joseph Smith - 1854
- The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon Upon Plates
by Joseph Smith - 1920
- The True Origin of the Book of Mormon
by Charles Augustus Shook
- A Visit to Salt Lake: Being a Journey Across the Plains, and a Residence in ...
by William Chandless - 1857
- The Mormon Country: A Summer with the "Latter-Day Saints"
by John Codman 1874
- The Mormon Menace
by John Doyle Lee
- My Summer in a Mormon Village & The Horrors
by Florence Merriam Bailey 1894
- The Mormon Battalion: Its History and Achievements
by Brigham Henry Roberts - 1846-1848
- William Clayton's Journal: A Daily Record of the Journey of the Original Company of Mormon Pioneers by William Clayton 1921
- The Heart of the Continent: A Record of Travel Across the Plains with an examination of the Mormon Principle
by Fitz Hugh Ludlow 1870
- The Story of the Book of Mormon
by George Reynolds - 1888
- Twelve Mormon Homes Visited in Succession on a Journey Through Utah to Arizona
by Elizabeth Wood Kane 1874
- The Mormon Wife: A Life Story of the Sacrifices, Sorrows and Sufferings of a Woman
by Maria Ward 1873
- The Rise, Progress, and Present State of Mormons with an Analysis of the Book of Mormon
by Henry Caswall 1843
- The Mormon Problem the Nation's Dilemma
by T. W. Curtis – 1885
- Joseph Smith as Scientist: A Contribution to Mormon Philosophy
by John Andreas Widtsoe - 1908
- A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War. 1846-1847
by Daniel Tyler, John Taylor, Thomas Leiper Kane 1846-1848 – 1881
- The Mormon Menace: A Discourse Before the New West Education Commission
by George Whitfield Phillips, New West Education Commission – 1885
- The Mormon Doctrine of Deity: The Roberts-Van Der Donckt Discussion
by Brigham Henry Roberts, Cyril Van der Donckt - 1903

But Wait! There's Even More...

- Fifteen Years Among the Mormons: Being the Narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie V Smith
by Nelson Winch Green - 1859 - 408 pages
- The Mormon Saints: The Story of Joseph Smith, His Golden Bible, and the Church he Founded
by George Seibel 1919
- History of Utah: Comprising Preliminary Chapters on the Previous History of her Founder...The Advent of the Mormon Pioneers
by Orson Ferguson Whitney 1892
- Mormonism: Embracing the Origin, Rise and Progress of the Sect : with an Examination of the Book of Mormon
by James H. Hunt, G. W. Westbrook - 1844
- Exposé of Pologamy in Utah: A Lady's Life Among the Mormons.
by T. B. H. Stenhouse 1872
- The Inside of Mormonism: A Judicial Examination of Endowment Oaths ...
by United States District court. Utah, Henry G. McMillan, United States 1903
- The Golden Bible: Or, The Book of Mormon. Is it from God?
by Martin Thomas Lamb - 1887 - 344 pages
- The psychological and ethical aspects of Mormon group life
by Ephraim Edward Ericksen - 1922
- The Mormon Menace
Bp Samuel Fallows, Helen May (Fallows) Williams - 1903
- Cosmopolitan Magazine Versus the Mormon Church

- The Mormon Prophet and His Harem; Or, An Authentic History of Brigham Young
by Catharine Van Valkenburg Waite - 1867
- The Martyrdom of Joseph Standing; Or, The Murder of a "Mormon" Missionary
by John Nicholson – 1886
- The Real Mormonism: A Candid Analysis
by Robert C. Webb - 1916
- Female Life Among the Mormons: A Narrative of Many Years' Personal Experience
by Maria Ward 1858
- The Founder of Mormonism: A Psychological Study of Joseph Smith, Jr.
by Woodbridge Riley 1903
- Early Days of Mormonism: Palmyra, Kirtland, and Nauvoo
by James Harrison Kennedy 1888
- Ames on Forgery: Its Detection and Illustration, with Numerous Causes Celecres
by Daniel T. Ames 1900
- Questioned Documents: A Study of Questioned Documents with an Outline of Methods by which the facts may be discovered.
by Albert Sherman Osborn 1910
- A Treatise on Disputed Handwriting and the Determination of Genuine from Forged Signatures
by William Elijah Hagan 1894
- Abuses of Justice: Illustrated by My Own Case : Disclosing Various Practices
by John Mackcoull- 1812
- Forgeries and False Entries
by William Edward Hingston 1909
- The Real Mormonism: A Candid Analysis
"Did Solomon Spaulding write the Book of Mormon"
by Robert C. Webb 1916
- Cumorah Revisited: Or, "The Book of Mormon" and the Claims of the Mormons
by Charles Augustus Shook 1910
- A Fourfold Test of Mormonism
by Henry Clay Sheldon 1914
- Apples of Sodom: A Story of Mormon Life
by Rosetta Luce Gilchrist

“ Enter The Secret World Of Mormonism
Never Before Revealed... ”

LDS temple rituals secret mormon beliefsWhat do Mormons really believe? Are their doctrines compatible with Christianity?

These ancient secret manuscripts reveals the truth behind the Mormon religion, from its inception during the 1800's to its growth today into one of the largest and most powerful business corporations in the world.

These are all authentic and original sources otherwise unavailable outside library archives

Plus you'll also discover:

Joseph Smith's first original vision and its myths
Autobiographical writings (diaries, letters, interviews, reminiscences, and statements)
The secret mormon temple rituals never revealed in public before
Statements by close relatives, George A. Smith, Jesse N. Smith, John Smith
Official census, court, parish, school and tax records of Joseph Smith
The secret of granite mountain and the truth behind Joseph's magic eye glasses
Was Mormonism Derived From Christianity?
And many many more...

Even if you only "scan" these documents once, your perception will be changed forever! This is really powerful stuff...

Here's the bottom line: If you are a member of the Mormon Church, or have friends or loved ones who are, this vitally important collection is "must have" for all who wish to discover the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

secrets of mormons testimonial"A MUST-HAVE For Every
Latter Day Saint Member"

"These books are amazing and I recommend that anyone who is not a mormon, or has been a mormon in the past or whom may still be in mormonism to read this book it is radicale and very very insightful.

This would be one for someone to share with a friend interested in the Mormon religion, or pursuing information on the "real life" part of the religion.

This is a MUST-HAVE for every mormon...

Glen Wiley
Woodlands, TX

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But thats not all...there is even more PACKED on the second CD...

“ The Secrets of The Book of Mormon ”
( Complete Studies On The Book Of Mormon On Audio CD)

Book of Mormons Exposed and Uncovered Mormonism BeliefsOn the second CD you'll get complete access to the "Complete Studies On The Book of Mormon" with a thoroughly researched audio deep analysis of its secrets.

Here for the first time a Mormon [leader] and first-rate historian is wrestling with the most sensitive subject possible for his church:

"To what extent is the Book of Mormon a nineteenth-century product and/or an actual record of some of the peoples of ancient Mesoamerica?"

You won't believe at some of the hidden meanings and symbols that Mormon scholars have found between the lines!

Once you've heard this, it will completely change how you look at The Book Of Mormon again!

•  There are Secret meanings!

•  There are Secret Symbols!

•  There are lessons for the faithful, which many will miss!

This is a compelling audio case study of the Book of Mormon and contains information no existing LDS Mormon should live without!

But most importantly there are hidden points that will make you question what the modern day Mormon leaders are preaching!

What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say..

Mormons, researchers and scholars alike have benefited greatly from my SecretsofMormons Ancient Compendium collection. But don't just take my word for it...

Just take a look at some of these reviews, which continue to flow into my e-mail box... 

secrets of mormons testimonial"Highly Recommended For Mormons And Non-Mormons"

I enjoyed these books simply because it gave me a view (other than the typical pro-LDS view) into the mind of an old-time LDS general authority.

Having been an active Mormon myself I found the readings very facinating, enlightening and well documented. I recommend it to all Mormons and Non-Mormons alike as a book which is well written, easy reading and will hold your interest.

Excellent reading for all who want to understand their faith better.

Marc Garrison
Downey, CA

secrets of mormons testimonial
"Best Collection Of Mormonism Books I've Ever Read.."

" This a well researched and authoritative study of the background and inner workings of the Mormon Church was enlightening and clearly informative. Even scholarly.

Being a lifelong religious scholar, I have always been curious about religions and what they believe, and I have constantly been making efforts to educate myself on them. This collection was definitely helpful in educating me on Mormonism.

This is the best collection of mormon books I've ever read."

Jaclyn Hoover
Washington, DC

mormonism secrets testimonial" Very Eye-Opening. Exposes
The Secret Teachings...

This exposes the secret Mormon beliefs and teachings which the neatly--dressed mormon missionaries will not tell you about.

These books documents each teaching it exposes with authoritative references to books by Brighamite LDS "Church" officials.

Books such as "Apostle" Bruce R. McConkie's Mormon Doctrine , and the collected sermons of Church President Joseph Fielding Smith: Doctrines of Salvation: Sermons and Writings.

It was fascinating; I couldn't put it down. It has inspired me to do research reading more frequently. Thank you, Alfred

Gilbert Eaton
Southampton, UK

But it gets even better!...

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Because I like to do business with decisive people I'm throwing in a time limited bonus. You'll receive this bonus if you order SecretsofMormons before in 2 days

Bonus offer...

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The Book of Mormons "Exposed" ($127 Value)

“...The Stuff Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know!

mormon christians secrets ideas lds beliefs scriptures

For this bonus you'll get some of the rarest and most controversial manuscripts I have. (over 1500 pages)

You won't see Church bookshops stocking these titles, because the only people who have read them are high ranking members...

If anything this is the real stuff that your church doesn't want you to have and want to have censored off this website...

Titles in the "Forbidden Books of Christianity" and the "Book of Mormons Exposed" include:

Is It God's Word? By Joseph Wheless
DID JESUS LIVE 100 B.C.(unknown author)
Evidences for the Doctrine of the Virgin Birth by Thomas James Thorburn
Jesus: Myth, Man, Or God: Or, The Popular Theology and the Positive Religion
The Evolution of the Idea of God: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Religion
And many many more...

However, you need to understand that this bonus is for the next 180 19 people who order today.

Anybody who orders after that will not get this bonus, and will get the watered down “PUBLIC” addition...

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But trust me, it gets better... because I want to make you:

A Completely No-Risk Offer...

So that's why I want to take all of the risk off your shoulders, and make this a complete no brainer for you.

secretsofmormons money back guarantee

So I want you to review the collection for a full six months and see if aren't amazed and shocked at what you discover.

Buy this today. Try it out for a full six months. If you don't think it's worth the small investment you made you invested, just send me an email and I'll refund every cent of your money.

No questions asked and you'll get your money back on the very same day.

Why would I make such a “no-risk” offer?

It's simple: I'm so confident that you won't believe what you discover in these rare manuscripts you wouldn't even dream of wanting your money back.

They're that life changing! Now I bet you're probably wondering...

How Much Does This Rare Collection Cost? ”

joseph smith church of latter day saintsThe answer is: not nearly as much as it should cost.

For instance, as a religious scholar I have invested well over $25,000 in my education specifically on Mormonism.

But to be perfectly honest I think what you discover in the Secrets of the Mormons collection is worth dramatically more.

You're getting over 10,000 pages of unbelievably rare never before revealed to the public manuscripts.

Initially I considered charging $297 for the complete collection ... but for reasons I'll explain in just a moment you can get it for much less than that.

The truth is that at the moment Secrets of the Mormons is still in launch stage, I'm just starting to get the word out.

That means I can offer you a massive discount. Instead of paying $297 for the complete collection just pay a mere $37.

When you work that out, it's less than $1.56 a day over the course of a month. Less than a stick of gum! Surely, that is a worthwhile investment to discover the secrets of Mormonism they don't want you to know!

But there's a catch:

You Need To Hurry...

in 2 days update:
Only 180 119 67, 19 Copies Left

asterisk2.jpgListen . Like I mentioned at the start of this message, I'm not exactly sure how long I can keep this page on the internet.

Every day I get more emails and telephone messages from people who want to take it down.

I've been hacked several times and been flamed all over the internet. I'm fighting to keep this information out there - but eventually this site will be shut down.

If that isn't enough of a reason for you, then like I mentioned the ridiculously low $37 investment for the Secrets of the Mormons package is only a launch price. That means that after 200 sales (update: only 19 left) it will go up.

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Here's Exactly What I Need You To Do:

If you're dead serious about getting your hands on these never before released Mormon manuscripts, here's what you need to do:

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I'll even express post your collection the very next business day, so you can get it ASAP. (I hate waiting for things for more than a few days as well!)

It's that easy.

Do it right now, so you don't miss out.


mormonism books cult latter day saints LDS doctrine
YES ! I'm Ready To Have The
SecretsofMormons Pack

I'm ready and eager to start reading the ancient mormonism manuscripts
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alfred signature
Alfred Rasmussen
Mormon, M.A. (Theology) and Researcher

P.S With the amount of traffic that this site has been receiving it wouldn't surprise me at all if those last few discounted places are sold out in the next day! Don't end up with the more expensive, watered down “Public version” of the package – Reserve your copy right now!

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lds church mormon temple testimonial"I Dare You To Read These Books and NOT Be Shocked..."

" SecretsofMormons exposes shocking revelations of mormonism that you'll never know about.

The parts about the temple ceremony were the most intriguing and surprising. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning about Mormonism, who has an open mind.

The author is a former Mormon, so he has a perspective most of us will never have. For anyone serious about evangelism, this is a good one to read and keep on your bookshelf for future reference.

This is a must read to thoroughly understand mormonism.

Lester Keith
Miami, FL

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